These Videos Show Why People Call Joe Biden a Pedophile

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1 year ago

Warning, this video will disturb most normal people. Perverts might not be disturbed by this video. Perverts might attack this video and even try to defend Joe Biden.  

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Video Sources:
1. - More creepy behavior From Joe Biden

2. The Gateway Pundit - GROSS. Biden Gropes Young Boy, Pats Down His Blond Hair and Rubs His Shoulders During KY Visit

3. WarRoom - Train derailment In Penn And Joe Biden Gropes Another Minor

4. rawu on Rumble - VP Joe Biden Pinching Little Girl's Nipple in Slow Motion

5. RealJasonDaniels on Rumble - Kids rubbing his legs as a lifeguard

6. Info Soldier on YouTube - COMPILATION - Joe Biden inappropriate touching with children

7. Breitbart News - Super Cut: Biden Squeezes, Grabs, Rubs & Sniffs

8. Fox News - Tucker Carlson on Joe Biden's daughter accusing him of taking inappropriate showers with her

9. Fox News- Why does Joe Biden's family privately refer to him as "Pedo Peter"?

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