Who is God Jesus Jehovah Lord of Hosts ? ❤️ He is our Creator, Father & Savior...

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Who is God, Jesus Jehovah, Lord of Hosts? He is your Creator, Father & Savior...

God is the Word; out of Love, Wisdom, Will, Order, Ernestness, Patience and Meekness everything came into being, and without the Word of God there would be - Nothing!

As the Crown or Capstone of Creation, God created Men in his Image.

The Wisdom of our Creator has endowed Mankind with a free Will, so that he can develop his Love to God without Pressure, because – who does want the Love of a Robot?

Man’s Existence has three Aspects – Soul, Body and Spirit.

The Spirit in its basic Form is the divine Spark, completely endowed with the Truth and the Will of God - the Consience! This all including Spirit is anchored in each Person. It can develop through our Love to God and become brighter and brighter.

The Soul is the intellectual Person and as such it is neutral for the Moment. The brighter the Spirit in a person becomes, the more will the Soul be united with the Spirit.

The Body as the physical Equivalent of the Soul is also nourished and of course developing. If this Growth is focused on the Spiritual, the Spirit will grow brighter, and the Unification of Soul and Spirit will benefit of it. Thereby will the consciousness regarding the Tangibles narrow our earthly Life down to the Necessities.

However, is the Fostering mainly oriented towards the material Things – i.e. ‚the World’, the Soul tends to unify with the Body. This Secularization is equivalent to the Atrophy of the Spiritual in a Person.

How can the Lord our God care for a human Being, which got caught and lost in Materialism?

This One shall return to his Creator out of his own Initiative and Freedom to choose.

He creates Situations so that through different Circumstances a Person begins to ponder.

Trains of Thoughts such as „...what am I actually doing here...“, or „...what do all these hard-earned Treasures avail...“, or „...only Love has a real Value...“ and so forth – these Thoughts might start a possible Search for Answers, which can never be delivered from the World.

Answers will be given to all Those, who are truly seeking, because the Promise is always valid, that whoever seeks Him, will find Him.

The Lord our God has always spoken and given Messages to all People of the Earth through spiritually filled human Being’s.

In most Cases have the anointed Ones been rejected mostly from those People,

which would have suffered a material Damage through the Appearance of the Prophets and Messengers of God. The so called „Representatives of God“,

which subdue their fellow Men by imparting their own Truth.

In the greatest Act of Mercy, God Himself has appeared in His Son – Jesus Christ – as Man and brought forth again, the forgotten and through human faults distorted Truths, in a new and most pure Form.

The Doctrine of Jesus Christ is the Way to everlasting Life.

Soon after his Sacrifice on the Cross has this only Possibility, which leads to Salvation, been veiled again through corrupted Doctrines and false Interpretations.

But even today are the „Visionaries“, the „Prophets“ and the „Watchmen“ sent out and proclaim the Truth.

People, who are held blind and People who feel comfortable are not in the mood to listen and to do their own Research.

Equal to the Dead, they are blind and deaf or else, they defend their pleasant Status Quo to the bitter End.

Whoever loves to slumber cannot easily be awaken...

But whoever picks oneself up and opens the eyes and ears to consider the simple and clear Way of God and in addition listens to his Words, begins to wake up.

The Truth of the Lord and the Example of Jesus are so obvious, so that the Knowing does not have to be a Wonder for anyone.

Of Course, the Implementation is a Struggle against Rulers, Authorities and Powers of the dark World (Selfishness and Love for Oneself), which is not easy.

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