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Spirit of Python

Shalom Pillars,
In Acts 16:16, Paul and Silas encountered a young woman who prophesied to them through what Luke calls a “spirit of divination.” However, the Greek word from which “divination” is translated is python. “Python” was a word associated with prophecy amongst the ancient Greeks and Romans. Because it was so well known in the ancient Greco-Roman world, the original readers of Acts would have made an immediate association when they read the words “spirit of python.”

In this lesson we will look at how Paul and Silas understood what the spirit of python was, a spirit of divination, and how we should also recognize this same spirit of divination when it is working in our midst. It is a religious spirit so we can expect to find it operating in the church as a conterfeit to the Spirit of prophecy. You will also learn how to deal with this spirit by the blood of Jesus, the power and authory given to us in His name, and commanding it to come out and go back to the dry places never to return. This is the authority and power over all the power of the enemy Jesus has entrusted you with. Now is the time to begin exercising it. You are blessed by the Father.

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