3 months ago


I urge you to seek the truth. Ignore the political psycho babble of 'Build Back Better'. Ask yourself - "better for whom" because its not for the betterment of NZ Citizens. All political parties are colluding againgst a sovereign nation of New Zealand, and are willingly busying themselves to being compliant to non-elected national and internation, global entities.

The plundering of New Zealand is not over, it still exists and will continue. Its clear we cannot trust one of those politicians that reside in the toilet bowl of Wellington. The who do we trust, when it comes to the 2023 general election. The people of New Zealand have not been represented, they have been character assainated, used and abused in what I personally call a 'guineapig state'

After you have viewed my informative video please, I urge you to go to www.freedomsnz.org.nz/pillars the umbrella strategy for minor parties read about their key policy of pillars.

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