Prophetic Dream: I Saw Many Christians on Death Row

Shalom Pillars,
This prophetic dream may sound like a warning dream, but it is not a warning dream. This dream is a word of encouragement to not give up trying to overcome. If you have been walking with the Lord and in the process of walking with the Lord you have experienced deliverance from many things, but there is this one thing __________, you fill in the blank. You've done all you know to do and still are not free in this one area that no one knows you're struggling in because the enemy has convinced to you tell no one. Now, it's been years of walking with the Lord and still, you have not been able to overcome. This dream and its interpretation are for you! The devil has convinced many they will never be totally free and has put them in a place spiritually meant to be like death row for you, but the Executioner is about to pay you a visit in the prison the enemy has locked them in. The Executioner is Jesus and he is not paying you a visit to execute you. No. He is, however, going to pay you a visit to execute the next phase of His plan for your life. Be ready to be set free in the one area you thought would be the death of you. How could it be the death of you if Jesus took it upon Himself and let it be the death of Him in your place? Don't give up. Don't stop trying. Your day of visitation is upon you. Shalom Shalom!

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