3 months ago


On Saturday Morning, Audrey Johnson Scheper, Host of Trump4ALLTV.us, and Glenn Johnson Scheper, Video Production Editor of Trump4ALLTV.us, headed to Robstown Texas to attend the Trump Rally in Robstown Texas. Perhaps thirty thousand Trump Supporters came from across the country to Robstown Texas next to Corpus Christi, Texas strategically positioned on the Texas Gulf of Mexico, 150 miles from the Mexican border.

We were energized by the hundreds of people we met who loved and still love our 45th President Donald J Trump. People came from every city to watch him. The crowd was orderly. This included Children, Mothers, Disabled people, Veterans, Mothers with their sons, Fathers with children, Black, White, Christians, Jews, Catholics, Hispanics, French, Cambodian, South American and they all said the same thing when Audrey asked them what they love about President Trump. Down the line, people said, “We Love Everything about President Donald J Trump; we love his honesty, his business mind; and what he is doing for America”.

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