Captain Kyle w CaptKyle Patriots BEST Explanation of Nesara Gesara & Quanatum Financial System

1 year ago

Explanation of Nesara Gesara and Quanatum Financial System by Captain Kyle owner of CaptKyle Patriots Telegram Channel.
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Below is a description from a channel that made an awesome compilation with images of our Nesara Gesara Chat.

TheWaterBearerChannel Description, and see link below to give them a follow:
Captain Kyle does a simple "HEAD OF THE CLASS" explanation about an up to date Nesara / Gesara and what it is in detail. Kyle gives clear understanding to even the newly classed Patriots. Up to date like no other and even talks about the Queens Death after it happened on the 8th of Sept. 2022. A perfect Audio to send to others that may not be on Telegram or is challenged on doing so. We all need to know this information quickly now and Captain Kyle does it with finesse.
You can find Captain Kyle on Telegram at the link below and I give him ALL the credit for doing this live audio. It took me 8 hours to put the slides to his words so that ones not able to get on Telegram or just don't want to may do so easily and understand better. Ease of use and availability are crucial to get this message far and wide. Again... Credit is Captain Kyle's, certainly not mine. I appreciate all you have done for our Country with this Kyle. Thank You. Raccoon Whisperer
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