3 months ago

Bradley Dixon Story - A FormerFedsGroup Interview

Doreen Dixon describes her families experience with the Covid Protocols in an American Hospital. "I was diagnosed on 9/14/21. On 9/17 I started have vertigo and profuse vomiting. My husband developed a bad cough. We both continued to decline over the weekend. I wanted to go to the ER but was too sick and weak. My husband refused to go because it wasn’t sick for a week yet. Our son took us to the ER on 9/21. They gave me IV fluids. I got a lecture from the doctor that this was my fault and we should have gotten the vaccine. He said that I should just suck it up and be prepared for long COVID. My son was with my husband who by this time was having trouble breathing."

To read more about this heartbreaking story and other stories visit https://chbmp.org/cases/murdered-by-fda-death-protocol/brad-dixon/

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