Bob Belknap Story - A FormerFedsGroup Interview

1 year ago

Miriam Belknap tells us about her husband Bob's experience in an American Hospital regarding the Covid Protocols. "For the first 9 days of hospitalization at CRMC (Capitol Region Medical Center, Jefferson City, MO), My husband Bob gradually suffocated from covid with the "standard of care" & had to go on a ventilator (9/17/2020) even though additional treatment (IV vitamin C & IV glutathione)was requested by & available from Bob's family physician by day 3–the hospital & doctors on staff REFUSED TO ALLOW ANY OTHER TREATMENT (HCQ was requested on 9/15/2020 & was also refused). I cried & begged (for 17 more days) & tried to get a lawyer, any lawyer, to help me make the hospital give Bob the additional treatments his family physician was willing to provide since their “standard of care” protocol (REMDESIVIR 5 day course completed 9/16/2020, steroids, antibiotics. It was obviously failing as his body slowly shut down."

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