Here's Why Central Banks Are Now Buying Up as Much Gold and Silver as Possible

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There are two things you can count on central bankers doing. First, they'll do whatever they can to protect their wealth. Second, they'll make decisions that may have detrimental effects on the "average" people if doing so will benefit them. That's not to say central bankers are necessarily evil. They're simply driven by a singular focus which is why they got into the business of central banking in the first place.

It is a best practice for investors — whether they're brokers, "average" Americans with market-based retirements, or anywhere in between — to be watchful of what central bankers are doing. They have inside information. They pay a lot of smart people a lot of money to predict what's going to happen. And most importantly, they have access to many of the financial levers and dials that determine how the various markets respond to events. This is why it should raise eyebrows to notice that central banks are in the process of buying as much gold and silver as they can get their hands on.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I introduced our newest sponsor, Jonathan Rose from Genesis Gold Group. While we touched on his company briefly, our focus was on the economic turmoil the world is currently embroiled in and how this all ties back to the geopolitical machinations of world leaders, central bankers, and the powers-that-be.


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