The Spiritual Israel & Pain as a great Teacher ❤️ The Book of the true Life Teaching 8 / 366

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The Book of True Life Teaching 8 of 366

The Master teaches... The Mission of the Spiritual Israel & Pain as a great Teacher

Divine Revelations - Mexico 1866 -1950

The Lord says:

1. The light of My Holy Spirit descends upon you, but why do you represent Me in the form of a dove? Those figures and symbols should not be worshiped by My new disciples anymore.

2. Understand My teaching, O My people: During that Second Era, My Holy Spirit manifested Itself in the baptism of Jesus in the form of a dove because that bird in its flight resembles the flight of the spirit, its whiteness speaks of purity and in its sweet and gentle look there is a reflection of innocence. How would those unpolished men be made to understand the Divine, if it was not by adopting the figures known to them in the world?

3. Christ, who speaks to you at this moment, was represented by a lamb, and John himself in his prophetic vision beheld Me thus. All this is due to the fact that, if you seek Me in each one of My works, you will always find in all Creation an image of the Author of life.

4. In My manifestation through Jesus, I announced to you the coming of the Holy Spirit and men thought that it pertained to a Deity who being in God, was not known by them, not realizing that while speaking of the Holy Spirit, I was speaking about the only God, who was preparing the time in which He would communicate spiritually with men through a human faculty.

5. In these teachings I am entrusting you with the sword of light and truth so that you may fight with it in the battle that I have announced for so long, and once again I say to you, that these weapons that I entrust to you are of love and justice, of forgiveness and charity for your brethren.

6. Only a few more years remain in which I will continue imparting My Doctrine to you in this manner; safeguard My teachings for at the end of 1950, these manifestations will terminate, and it is necessary that you be strengthened through your humility and obedience, in order for you to come out ahead in all your trials.

7. Do not think that only in a spiritual way are you going to struggle, no, My people, the struggle that approaches will be in all orders, so that whatever has deviated from its course, will return to it, that which has been inactive, will emerge again toward its evolution and that which has been blemished, will obtain its purification.

8. Then you will behold the human institutions shaken within their very foundations, you will see the elements of Nature agitated causing destruction and putting the faith of mankind to a test.

9. All of this will take place after the year 1950 and if you remain faithful to this Law, you will pass all vicissitudes unharmed; however, if you should fall into disobedience, deviating from what I have ordered, from this day forward I say to you: you will be left at the mercy of the ordeals and of the unleashed elements and these will not obey your commands.

10. I do not wish this affliction for My people whom I have indoctrinated for such a long time; I want peace for them, so that in their trying moments they will convey a word of light and balsam to the afflicted.

11. Who is he who during this time is not anxious to be illuminated by the Holy Spirit?

12. Truly, truly I say to you that if you are able to prepare yourselves, great will be the manifestations you will behold after the year 1950.

13. During the Second Era, when I made Myself visible to My disciples for the last time, among the clouds, when I disappeared from their sight, there was sorrow in them for at that moment they felt to have been left alone, but then they listened to the voice of the angel, the emissary of the Lord who said to them: "O men of Galilee, what is it that you see? This same Jesus that you see ascending into Heaven you will behold descending in the same manner."

14. Then they understood that when the Master should return to men, He would do it spiritually.

15. Days after My crucifixion, when My disciples were gathered around Mary, I made My presence felt, represented in a spiritual vision of a dove. In that blessed moment, no one dared move or say a single word. There was true ecstasy, while they beheld that vision and their hearts throbbed filled with strength and faith, realizing that the presence of the Master, who had apparently departed, would be with them always in Spirit.

16. O My disciples: Think carefully about these teachings and allow My grace to be manifested in you, as in those times.

17. Today I descend among you radiant with light, as I appeared before My disciples in the Second Era when I went to them in Spirit before My ascension, to strengthen and free them from their confusion, due to the incidents which they had witnessed. Thus I present Myself before you, full of splendor to say to you: My sacrifice is forever being repeated, I am always being resurrected from the dead and pouring My light upon you so that you may begin the journey and practice all that I have taught you.

18. Prepare yourselves so that you may behold descending from My Kingdom the spiritual benefits which I have come to grant you.

19. The banquet is prepared, the Lamb has been sacrificed and rich fruits are ready. Gather around Me, O disciples, and nourish yourselves. I open the book of wisdom so that you may read the lesson which corresponds to this day. Come to Me and take the nourishment that I offer you, for the time of grace that I allow you is short.

20. Why does My word which I transmit through a human spokesman surprise you, since I always utilized men to speak to you and guide you during all times? When I came to you in the Second Era, I became Man so that by contemplating My works you would follow My footsteps. You witnessed My birth, growth, struggles and suffering. It was necessary for humanity to become aware of My love and My power, so that My example would be unforgettable in all My children. That is why you weep when you recall these events and you feel remorseful, because I have not been recognized or fully loved by mankind. Even today, during the Third Era, I have come to give you one more lesson which will explain My previous works and prepare you for the new period that you are going to live.

21. I wish that tomorrow, when you cease to hear Me in this manner, you will imitate Me and remain as teachers of mankind. Who will be those who will arise and save men when they find themselves in the midst of chaos? Who will represent Me in the Third Era and give testimony of Me? Who will be the ones who will check the advance of the elements of destruction, when they are released in the world? Who will imitate My apostles spreading My Doctrine? You, whom I am preparing with My Word, with gifts of healing and strength, so that you may be doctors, emissaries and comforters, because humanity will lament greatly before and after My departure. The future times will offer the cup of bitterness to the limit, and in those days My Spirit will vibrate in the minds, illuminating all creatures in order to do away with reigning confusion. It will be during that time when suffering will unify all spirits and they will seek the light and the way that will lead to Me.

22. Will you respect My will to guide those who seek Me? You say that is your purpose and you ask Me for help to overcome all the obstacles that will hinder you along your way. Yes, My dear children, I have said that I am ready to help you, for without that strength, you will accomplish nothing. You are weak, poor and ignorant, but I am making you My heirs of a kingdom of true greatness and I will not withhold anything within My secret Sanctuary; all that belongs to you as My children, I will give to you and I advise that you distribute this wealth among your brethren.

23. I am speaking to you about unification, harmony and understanding; for My desire is that the House of Israel be the ark of salvation, a fountain of peace and hope for all weary travelers. I have called you the strong ones and you will be because of the power in the virtues that I have bestowed upon you. Remember that in all your struggles, I go before you leaving My footsteps. Understand that as long as you are not in unity, there will be no peace or joy in your spirit. I want to see you free from all suffering, because you are near the end of your restitution, you are at the gates of the Promised Land where you will arrive victorious and saved, for that is My will.

24. I do not want you to become fanatical with My word, nor to form a new idolatry. I do not want the sacrifice of your lives, or offering of flowers or fruits from your gardens, for these are My work and no merit will be gained by offering them to Me. It is not My will that you erect another tower of Babel, filled with vanity and arrogance. What I want you to offer Me is a sanctuary that reaches Me, formed with your deeds of love, prayers and words born from your heart and given in My name to the spirits who hunger for truth: This is the worship that I ask of you.

25. You are subject to the Law of evolution, behold the reason for your reincarnations. Only My Spirit does not need to evolve: I am immutable.

26. From the beginning I have shown you the ladder by which the spirits ascend in order to reach Me. Today you are unaware of the level in which you are, but when you abandon your physical body you will know your degree of evolution. Do not stand still, for you would be an obstacle for those who follow you.

27. In spite of your dwelling in different planes, be united in spirit and one day you will be reunited in the seventh and highest stage, enjoying My love.

28. Hear Me, o men created in My image and likeness: Do not rise up tomorrow speaking about My Doctrine if you do not carry a good seed, if you do not know what submission is and you do the opposite of what My Law dictates. I advise you now, so that tomorrow you will not stumble along the way.

29. The woman I give you as a mate you will protect, you will honor her and through her I will make your seed fruitful. I do not want you to speak about truth and righteousness then proceed to despoil the roses and abandon them afterward, because you would be violating My Law. Respect not only what is yours, but also what belongs to others; be just and encourage peace on Earth. The moment will come in which you will be ready to speak of submission, love and forgiveness.

30. Blessed is he who humbles himself on Earth, for I will forgive him. Blessed is he who is slandered, for I will testify of his innocence. Blessed is he who gives testimony of Me, for I will bless him. And he who is neglected for practicing My Doctrine, I will recognize him.

31. Who among you has not felt My presence nor been nourished with My word? Ask and it shall be given. If previously you searched for Me in the stars and in material objects, now seek Me in the infinite with the spirit. Approach Me through love, through your obedience and you will have peace.

32. Love Me and do not idolize these spokesmen through whom I communicate. Love My word and My works, they are beyond what is human. These spokesmen are only My instruments and they are not superior but similar to you.

33. Satisfy your thirst in My inexhaustible fountain so that you will not be of those who thirst again; I do not want My children to ever suffer from hunger or thirst; that is why I approach you bringing the bread of eternal life, so that you will not feel the need of spiritual benefits for a single moment. I, on the other hand, do thirst for your love, your peace and you have denied Me the water of your comprehension. Up to now you have not satisfied the ardent thirst of your recognition to My Law, which as My children you owe Me. But I will keep on waiting, because My patience is unlimited. Come to Me and I promise you that My protection will not be lacking, for if today you know how to love Me, some day you will reach Me and understand Me at last.

34. Live, taking from all that I have created for your well-being on Earth and that peace will not withdraw from you. Continue struggling so that you will attain your spiritual salvation.

35. For the spirit when he is prepared, there is no existence of night, fatigue nor sleep; in his work he finds strength and in every test there is a wonderful opportunity to show his fortitude and patience. Other spirits though they are weak, are able to seek Me in the moment of trial, their faith and their hope will enable them to go forward. I want you to be humble and obedient so that you will be guided by your conscience, which is the Divine spark that governs your spirit.

36. What do you come to ask of Me and for whom do you weep? You say to Me that only I can give you what you need. Blessed are you who seek Me thus and are able to ask with humility for your loved ones and for those who, although they are not your blood relatives, you love tenderly and are concerned for their spiritual advancement. You ask Me for those who live in captivity serving a sentence and for those who, though innocent, are also imprisoned. You pray for the sick who are suffering far away from home; this desire is born within you for you are beginning to demonstrate love, and you are finding a supreme enjoyment in that sentiment. Be inspired through love in order to realize all your works and they will have spiritual essence.

37. When you pray, look for Me in the infinite, beyond what is material, put yourselves in communication with Me and when you return to your world, all doubt will have dissipated; there will not be any obstacles along the way and you will be filled with My wisdom.

38. I have entrusted this time to you so you can take advantage of it studying My lesson, so that by withdrawing from worldly pleasures, you will delve deeper into My word; today you have Me very near you, My light has bathed your spirit, My essence is nourishing you, and My example is always being manifested. Do not think that only in the Second Era I gave you proof of My love; My presence is eternally with you. I only ask that you prepare yourselves so that you may feel Me in all My works; you can behold the uprightness of My justice in the ordeals which today befall mankind.

39. All will reach the goal according to the fulfillment of your mission; for that purpose I have come to deliver My teachings which are inexhaustible, in order for you to ascend the ladder of your evolution. It is not My blood that will save you, but My light within your spirit which will redeem you.

40. During the Second Era after My departure, I gave you My teaching through My apostles; today I reveal it through the channel of My spokesmen and in it I offer you the Divine wisdom which nourishes and comforts your spirit.

41. I ask that you convert your heart into a spiritual flower to offer to Mary, whom you seek as your Mother and whom you love, for from her womb emerged the blessed fruit that would bring you the bread of eternal life: Jesus.

42. Mary is the flower of My heavenly garden, whose essence has always been in My Spirit.

43. Do you observe those flowers which humbly conceal their beauty? That is how Mary was and how she is: an inexhaustible source of beauty to the one who is able to see her with lucidity and respect, and a treasure of kindness and tenderness for all beings.

44. I delivered her as a Mother to Jesus; she was the Divine tenderness incarnated in a woman. She is the one whom you seek as intermediary, the one whom you invoke as consolation in your afflictions, and that Divine love is extended like a mantle over all humanity.

45. She is the one whom the angel of the Lord called "blessed amongst women." She is the one whom Christ from the cross, designated as the spiritual Mother of all men.

46. Mary passed through the world concealing her Divine essence; she knew who she was and who her Son was, and instead of making a display of that grace, she declared herself only a servant of the Most High, an instrument of the designs of the Father.

47. Mary passed through the world in silence, but filling the hearts with peace, interceding for the needy, praying for all and finally shedding her tears of forgiveness and pity over the ignorance and wickedness of men. Why not seek Mary if you wish to reach the Father, if through her you received Jesus? Were not Mother and Son together in the supreme moment of the death of the Savior? Was not the Son's blood blended at the moment with his Mother's tears?

48. Therefore there is nothing unusual that during this period you seek her that she may guide and draw you nearer to the Master.

49. Blessed are those who are able to discover in the heavenly garden that flower of humility and purity. Moreover I say again to you, only through limpid contemplation can she be perceived.

50. Today you expose your afflictions so that I may heal them, and in truth I say to you that is My mission, I have come for that purpose, for I am the Divine Doctor. However, before My balsam is in your wound, before you feel My caress, concentrate on yourselves and examine your pain, analyze it, meditate deeply for as long as it is necessary, so that through that meditation you can obtain the teaching that ordeal contains, as well as the knowledge that it conceals, and which you should know. That knowledge will be an experience, it will be faith, it will be coming face to face with the truth, it will be the explanation of many tests and lessons not comprehended by you.

51. As if the pain were something tangible, examine it and you will discover the beautiful seed of experience, a great lesson of your existence, because pain has come to be a teacher during your lifetime.

52. He who regards pain as a teacher and with meekness heeds its call for regeneration, repentance and correction, will know afterward about gentleness, peacefulness and health.

53. Examine yourselves carefully and you will see how much you will benefit by it. You will become aware of your defects and imperfections, you will correct them and therefore you will cease to judge others.

54. You ask that I heal you and truly I say there is no one better than you yourselves to be your own doctor.

55. What good would it do if I heal you and remove your suffering, if you do not withdraw from your errors, sins, vices and imperfections? It is not pain that is the origin of your ills, but your sins. Behold the origin of suffering! Fight against sin, withdraw it from you, and you will be healthy, but that is for you to do, I only teach and help you.

56. When through your conscience you discover the origin of your afflictions and establish the means to combat it, you will feel the Divine strength in abundance, helping you to triumph in the battle and win your spiritual freedom.

57. How great will be your satisfaction in feeling that through your own merits you were able to liberate yourselves from pain and also won that peace. Then you will say: "O My Lord, your word was my balsam, your Doctrine has been my salvation!"

58. Stop living in a world of supposition. You should not as men and much less as spirits, ignore the truth. How do you expect to triumph in the material struggle if you do not know about the spiritual life? How do you expect to be great, healthy, wise and strong if you persist in closing your eyes to the eternal light?

59. Do not live in semi-light! Awaken and come into the fullness of that light! Cease to be small and grow spiritually!

60. You still can say that you live in peace if you compare yourselves with other nations; however, take from My Doctrine the strength when you feel faint; take from My word the light when the doctrines of materialism try to dominate you. If you are not prepared as I taught you, truly I say that many of you will become confused, many will turn their backs to Me and many believers of today, will be My enemies tomorrow, and they will arise denying this truth. In anticipation I forgive you, but I also prepare and alert you.

61. Again I tell you to examine yourselves carefully, thus you will begin to feel more brotherly toward others, more compassionate and understanding with your fellowmen. Today many acts of others are still disgusting to you because you forget your own faults, but when you get to know your flaws and errors, you will realize the love with which I forgive and await you, then you will have no alternative but to say: "If My Father has forgiven me, after offending Him so much, I am obligated to forgive my brethren."

62. Man lacks the knowledge of seeing himself inwardly, of examining his actions and his thoughts.

63. Spiritual preparation is what you need, but when you are practicing My word, you will cause a commotion within the life of your brethren, because the spirit with all its gifts and powers will be manifested in you.

64. Truly I say to you that in the history of humanity, will be the history of Spirituality, written with shining letters.

65. Was not Israel immortalized after liberating themselves from their bondage in Egypt? Were not the Christians immortalized in their conquest through love? So will the followers of Spirituality be immortalized in their struggle for the freedom of the spirit.

My Peace be with you!

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