7 months ago

Jessie Czebotar Interview #1

Jessie's Background; Extrication From The Cabal
Covert Spiritual Gate Projects
System Hierarchy; Light & Dark
Military Tribunals; Federal Witness Testimony
CERN Intel; Large Hadron Collider
DUMBs & Underground Cities
Mar-a-Lago Raid; FBI Hunting For Affidavits
Saving Israel For Last; Antichrist Plans
Knights Of The Roundtable
Initiates Of The Flame
Starlink & Elon Musk; Surprises In Store
Spiritual Fortitude

Affidavits: timothycharlesholmseth.com

Jessie's Websites:
kingdomlivingwithjessie.com illuminatethedarkness.com

Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment purposes only; Do your own research

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