3 months ago

Returning to Original Jurisdiction - Leana talks with Destry

Join Leana, with our very special guest, Destry, discussing how and why the National Assembly is the only legitimate and proven assembly group able to restore our Republic. It’s active with influence over our government. Those assembled will participate in the military tribunals. Q&A included in the video.

Reseat vacant positions and/or join the assembly in your state. Save our Republic before we lose more Patriots into becoming State Nationals. It’s a trap! Destry explains.

For a list of assembled states please visit national-assembly.net. We are 14 states away from ushering in our Republic. The Commander-in-Chief and the Military are waiting to serve “We the People.”

Learn how quickly this we can be achieved and how you can help!

Email PPFNationalAssembly@gmail.com
National Assembly https://national-assembly.net/
Alaska http://www.alaskadejure.org/
Michigan http://www.michigandejure.org/
Visit https://PowerPassionFreedom.com
Telegram https://t.me/PowerPassionFreedom
Rumble https://rumble.com/user/PowerPassionFreedom
Telegram https://t.me/LitesOfTheRoundTable

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