Liberating the Oppressed - LTC (Ret.) Pete Chambers - Freedom Alive™ Ep59

1 year ago

What happens when our military shifts its focus from defending the American people to wokeness, vaccine mandates, and more? Learn firsthand from Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Pete Chambers. When he was 18, Dr. Pete Chambers took the oath to defend this nation against enemies foreign and domestic. Lieutenant Colonel Chambers is one of six Green Beret Special Operations Flight Surgeons in the world. The Green Berets are one of the most elite fighting organizations on the planet. He served on multiple Special Forces combat deployments and has been awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star Medal, and the Combat Medical Badge. He served as a task force surgeon for Operation Lone Star, which is the military border assignment between Texas and Mexico. But after 39 years of faithful service, Dr. Chambers soon learned he was fighting a new battle. And that was against enemies within the military. Each week on Freedom Alive™, we will alert you to new government overreaches and update you on existing legal battles. We will tell you about the victories people of faith are winning and how you, too, can fight back and get involved to keep your freedom alive!

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