Curious about Reiki & how it helps healing? This talk between 2 Master Teachers is a must watch.

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Join Energy Healer & Empath Energy Alignment Coach Heather O'Neill & Fellow Reiki Master Teacher & Divinity Speaks co-author Carol Schoffmann as they discuss:

• What reiki actually is
• Understanding energy and frequency
• Preventing dis-ease
• What a reiki practitioner brings to their clients
• What clients might experience during a reiki session
• Divine metaphors for the client
• Examples of intuitive messages for clients
• Learning how to tap into self thru Reiki
• Releasing pain

Heather O'Neill is an Empath Energy Alignment Coach & Energy Healer and an international best-selling author. As a coach, she works with people who want to understand how to heal and harness their own energy field in order to live in well-being and understand that being an empath is a gift. Heather is a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified coach & hypnotist, a Human Design practitioner and holds a BA in psychology. And is an intuitive empath. As a healer she works with clients seeking balance & peace and/or who are looking for a holistic approach to healing pain or illness in person and virtually as Reiki healing is just as effective either way.,
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Carol Schoffmann is the founder of Your Inner Tranquility. She is an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Mentor. Carol helps her clients find peace, balance, purpose and joy in their everyday life. Clients love her signature "Mind, Body, Spirit Tune-Ups", combining her knack for putting people at ease, space holding abilities and energy therapies.

She teaches her clients to celebrate what is uniquely beautiful about themselves and to embody the art of living authentically. Carol has facilitated over 2000 Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation and Teaching Sessions. She has been featured on the "Bearth" and "Talking Joy" podcasts.

Carol is a single Mom by choice. She lives happily in New Jersey with her amazing daughter, Mita, their dog, Jack and kitties Boo and Snowflake.

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