Why Are Republicans So Attracted to Libertarianism? ft. Yoram Hazony | Ep. 213

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1 year ago

The true heart of the Republican realignment goes back to the same question our founding fathers pondered centuries ago—will our nation be one founded on the ideas of John Locke or the ideas of Edmund Burke? Liz is joined by the Chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation Yoram Hazony to break down why libertarianism took such a hold on Americans in recent years, look at where the new Right actually stands on the question of Lock vs. Burke, and examine how it’s leading to a religious shift in America. This is The Liz Wheeler Show.
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00:00 - Welcome to The Liz Wheeler Show
05:35 - A shift in Christian America
09:00 - What is national conservatism
14:29 - Why libertarianism is attractive
19:19 - Was our nation founded on Locke or Burke?

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