PrimerPro - Part 1: Intro of Lee APP press and PrimerPro System

1 year ago

This tutorial is for Lee APP press owners but specifically targets it's use with Primer Reloaders. With the addition of 3D printed parts the APP press can be repurposed for tasks specifically needed to reload primers. The PrimerPro system fills that task. It will resize the primer cup as well as remove the firing pin "dimple" from the primer cup surface (all in one stroke). This video is part 1 of a 2 part series.

PrimerPro 3D kit:

If you don't have Lee APP press:

If you don't have the NOE primer resizing dies:

I treated myself to the bench plates and catch bins:
Bench plate:
The Bin:

The Vibrating tube filler:

Patreon (Help Me - Help You):

The MeWe chat forums consist of the best group of guys on the internet in primer reloading and other skills and you're now a part of it.

Primer Reloading group (known as Second Floor):

If you find the Primer Reloading group chat too technical, try the ground floor:

You will be welcomed in both!!!

I publish much of this info on: 

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