Situation Update, 10/18/22 - SUICIDE SCIENCE: Boston University creates new COVID bioweapon...

1 year ago

Situation UPdate, Oct 18, 2022 - SUICIDE SCIENCE: Boston University creates new COVID bioweapon with 80% KILL RATE

0:00 Parler
8:10 BIG News
14:45 Kamikaze drones
23:10 Europe
39:25 France
53:57 John Wadsworth

- Kanye is buying Parler - why that's a GOOD thing
- Boston University violates bioweapons laws and builds new covid strain with 80% kill rate
- Gain of function research is now taking place in the USA
- Are they setting up a narrative for another "accidental" lab leak?
- Kamikaze drones will forever reshape the landscape of war
- Flying terminator robots can unleash biological weapons on cities
- As we predicted, mass protests begin in Europe with uprising in France
- Migrants rape and murder 12-year-old girl in France
- The "great replacement" is under way as French officials discard their own citizens
- Hospitals in Germany are about to close down due to high electricity costs
- Germany on the verge of collapsing into a third world nation
- Former democrats blast the party for being "intolerable" with its insane exploitation of children
- One democrat wants to ARREST parents who don't support their kids becoming trans
- Full interview with John Wadsworth

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