Pulsar 510 DL Cart Device Review

1 year ago

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The Pulsar 510 DL Cart Device is yet another exciting innovation from the fine folks at Pulsar and NO! We aren't just "Blowing Smoke." Well--maybe a little? We've long since said "one hitters that look like cigarettes make no sense." Why? First and foremost, not nearly as many people are smoking cigarettes nowadays. We've been saying... a one hitter that looks like a vape would make way more sense! Well Pulsar took that idea that we told absolutely nobody and cashed in on an even cooler concept!

It's a 510 cart battery that looks like a disposable vape! Because even though 20+ states and several countries have legalized THC, there are still a number of places where it's frowned upon or flat out against the law. Introducing a cart battery that looks like any old lush ice! Nobody's the wiser! And with adjustable voltage and a long lasting battery, you'll be sitting pretty far longer than you ever would on a hit it and quit it throw away Nic stick. So head over to DiscountVapePen.com now for more information and to order your Pulsar 510 DL Cart device NOW!!

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