How to build a cheap wire J-Pole base antenna for CB radio.

1 year ago

This video shows how to build a cheap and easy 1/2 wave vertical J-Pole CB base antenna for the CB band out of wire, 450 ohm ladder line, and coax. This antenna works as well as any end half wave antenna for the CB band. Construction time is about 20 minutes once you have the needed parts.
1) 8 feet 3 inches of 450 ohm ladder line. Cut 8 feet 3 inches and twist the 1 inch end together, but only on one side. Leave the other side open.
2) 17 feet 3 inches of 14 gauge stranded insulated copper wire. You'll actually need a few inches longer than that to twist the top end back around the insulator, but the total length of the wire after twisting around the insulator should be 17 feet 3 inches.

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