Africa Good, Russia Bad: The Split Western Psyche [ep. #19]

1 year ago

Western people condemn the colonization of Africa in the past, but at the same time, the same Western people also support today’s repeated attempt to colonize Russia. Unlike Africa, Russia always had an army. Napoleon’s army failed to capture Moscow and was sent home with heavy losses. Hitler’s army failed to capture Leningrad/Stalingrad and was sent home with heavy losses. Now, it seems, the West is gearing up for a third attempt to colonize Russia for its resource and its geographic power. Why is it so hard for Western people to see they have been, and still are, behaving as the ‘bad guy’? I offer a third alternative to establish global peace: a revival of the idea of a Holy Roman Empire as a bulwark against both the powers of the Atlantic and of the Heartland.


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