7 months ago

Chris McLaughin - Hermon, ME SB member and Gender Queer supporter

Hermon, ME School Board member Chris McLaughlin is a proponent of the book Gender Queer and asks Out Maine (those sending chest binders to 14 year old girls at your local school) and Maine Family Planning (abortionists) how to get around the subject with parents about the "one or two" pornographic images in the book.

This guy makes money, his job, as a social worker to try and "fix" the issues the HEA (MEA - Maine Teachers Union) is pushing in school, the hyper-sexualization of minors.

What a complete conflict of interest!


It would appear Mr. McLaughlin is profiting off of this gender dysphoria issue, pushed by these very same Maine K-12 schools, one of which, Hermon, ME he is a school board member of!?

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