Dealing With Newly Awakened Anti-Vaxxers

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Those of us who have been pushing for the truth about the Covid-19 "vaccines" to come out have known they were neither safe nor effective for a long time. Now that more Americans are becoming aware of this and are starting to push back against the old narrative, it's incumbent on us to keep pushing the truth forward.

The last few days, several stories came out that really pushed the narrative forward. As I discussed on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, it is compelling that we are seeing some of the old "vaxx-nannies" coming around. We have seen this shift due to more "approved" evidence making it into the mainstream. It's somewhat insulting considering that the evidence that's being "approved" for dissemination on corporate media is often stuff we've talked about in alternative media for a year or longer. Better late then never, I supposed.

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