Justin Moon, welcoming remarks at the Annual Rod of Iron Freedom Festival

1 year ago

The Fourth Annual Rod of Iron Freedom Festival, welcoming remarks by Justin Moon

The Mc introducing Justin Moon

Special treat! We are going to have our welcoming remarks.
Justin Moon is the CEO of Kahr Arms.
Justin’s messages are so common sense, so reasonable and logical! That you know it is just a gift; he is a gift to the area.
I just read a short file Bio about Justin:
In 1992, he graduate from Harvard with a degree in economics; he also found a Kahr Arms. Definitely, he is making this year's Rod of iron Freedom Festival possible.
Justin's unquestionable support of the Second Amendment cause, certainly justifies our recognition of his efforts.

That is a quote from Chairman Alan Gottlieb:
“He’s not just a devoted shooter, he's a gun designer and the builder, and I know this, I just bought one yesterday! I bought a CM9 phenomenal, phenomenal little piece”!

Justin was born in 1970 in South Korea; he came to United States with his family. he settled in Tarrytown. We are going to let Justin tell you more about everything.

Justin Moon
Oh, thank you for attending the Fourth Annual Rod of Iron Freedom Festival.
Kahr Arms is proud to be the main sponsor for this event, in partnership with The Rod of Iron Ministry.
Although those things are returning to the normal, but we must never forget that we have been masked and suffocated and have a shutdown because of the government.
Hundreds and thousands of business, have been called non-essential and forced to close. Millions of people have been laid off, and they have been told that they do not have a right to work.
Our governor, do not forget, Governor Wolf, scent covid patients in nursing homes, killing thousands of residents; these medical emergency powers given to government, must be revoked.
August 10th 2022, News reports that you are 25 times more likely to be injured and 20 times more likely to die, if you had the covid vaccine. The database reports, that over 1 million-covid vaccine injuries and over 20,000 deaths, these are the databases created by the government to monitor vaccine injuries and adverse effects.
It is also has been nearly two years since that the vaccines do more harm than good according to the Florida standard 91422, this is exactly why we need medical freedom and why vaccine mandates are a crime against humanity.

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