Mandy Tells Her Story

1 year ago

Justice for the Vaxxed seeks to identify the extent and degree of the Covid 19 vaccine harms inflicted on Canadians and to ensure those public officials responsible for enacting medical fraud upon those Canadians are held to account.


Determine the extent and degree of harm Canadians have experienced as a result of participation in the Canadian COVID -1 9 vaccination program.

Create a database of harms with correlating defined level of harm by geographic location with the purpose of gathering evidence.

Identify potential class action lawsuit plaintiffs.

Pursue criminal charges, Breach of Public Trust, Fraud.

Provide a comprehensive and factual account to the public on the degree of harm that has been experienced by COVID-19 vaccination victims.

Facilitate and promote a COVID-19 vaccination program narrative that more accurately reflects the emerging reality of harm that is becoming increasingly visible as more and more victims speak out.

Ensure Justice for the Vaxxed is achieved and those responsible for the harm done to trusting Canadians are held to account.

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