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1 year ago

11 ways change to your habits for the better

Have you ever found yourself in a repeat cycle of yet another painful, unwanted experience?

You really don’t want to go through another agonizing learning experience again.

If this is you, bear with me.

In the video below, I explain why this happens and what you can do about it.

But be warned: it takes brutal honesty with yourself and a commitment to dive deeper than you have ever done before.

Last week I coached two women from different parts of Australia.

They both bemoaned the fact that they had worked so hard to get different results, and yet, here they were in another repeat of the past.

One woman felt betrayed, and the other one failed miserably.

They were very upset, as if the Universe was against them.

The truth is that unwanted situations don’t happen because the Universe is punishing us.
They also don’t happen because the Universe could make something different happen, but it simply chose not to.

We go through repeat difficult experiences because we have Free Will.

The Universe doesn’t have free will, it operates on a set of Laws.

Like the law of gravity.

We wouldn’t want the Universe to have gravity in one place and not another, or ignore the law of gravity in one situation and apply it in the next.

That would create havoc.

When repeat unwanted cycles happen, it is due to the law of mirroring, which is one of the principal laws on earth, and this is also called the law of attraction.

Somewhere along the line, in spite of our best efforts, we created this situation.

We are all creators, whether we are a conscious creator, or an unconscious creator.

Most of our unwanted experiences come from deep inside our subconscious and the Universe holds a mirror to say:

Hey, this is going on inside your subconscious mind, you have a sabotage, or a glitch here, can you please sit up and take notice and do something about it?

When we re-manifest an unwanted situation, it is really a healing experience.

To change these unwanted cycles, we first need to:

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