GOUSA OppScore Debates: WITH or WITHOUT the Candidates!

1 year ago

Grand Opportunity USA, or “GOUSA®”, a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization headquartered in Boston, MA, is planning a series of uniquely formatted debates covering key races across America for the November 8th Elections: The OppScore® Debates: WITH or WITHOUT the Candidates.

GOUSA, creator of the OppScore political credit rating system, believes that voters deserve to hear from the candidates they are considering supporting and that fair, honest, and fact-driven debates are critical to the democratic process. Unlike traditional debate formats, the nonprofit will be moderating the candidate debates whether they agree to show up or not, to be conducted via livestream.

GOUSA is inviting dozens of candidates to participate its debates including: Kari Lake vs. Katie Hobbs (AZ Governor); Tudor Dixon vs Gretchen Whitmer (MI Governor); Mehmet Oz vs John Fetterman (PA Senate); Don Bolduc vs Maggie Hassan (NH Senate); Blake Masters vs Mark Kelly (AZ Senate); JD Vance vs Tim Ryan (OH Senate); Anna Paulina Luna vs Eric Lynn (FL Representative); Bruce Poliquin vs Jared Golden (ME Representative); and many others.

The invited candidates are strongly encouraged to join GOUSA’s debates to explain their positions, principles, and policies to the voters. If one or both candidates decline, GOUSA may arrange for a fill-in to speak in place of the candidate(s) using the factual data contained within their respective OppScore ratings. Search ratings here: https://www.oppscore.org/.

The OppScore®, short for “Opportunity Score”, is a user-friendly web app that voters can use to help make their choices in November. GOUSA’s OppScore is the first, one and only unbiased political credit rating system that uses surveys, facts, and data from reputable pollsters to show which politicians are working in support of the US Constitution for the genuine “Will of the People” – and who is working against them - on the issues they care about the most. Moran: “It’s not Left vs Right or Red vs Blue – really, it’s THEM vs. YOU”

John Paul Moran is the CEO of Grand Opportunity USA and inventor of the OppScore. Mr. Moran is a published author, former MIT scientist, entrepreneur, recent Republican nominee for Congress in Massachusetts and 6th generation nephew of Founding Father, President Thomas Jefferson. He has authored the new Universal Bill of Rights set to be published soon.

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