Time for Election Offices in the US to “Dis-Konnech” from CCP Related Company

1 year ago

How Local Election Integrity Volunteers in Fairfax, VA Were Right, Polite, and Persistent in Making the Case to Sever Ties with Konnech

Christine Brim, Chairman of the Fairfax County, VA Election Integrity Task Force describes in this episode of Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell how her group of local volunteers took action in August 2022 when they first heard of possible ties between their county’s poll worker management software, PollChief and the Chinese Communist Party. These dedicated Virginia volunteers researched for themselves information about the company that owns PollChief: Konnech Software. After confirming the validity of the allegations about Konnech’s ties to the CCP, they began providing that documentation to the Fairfax County election officials.

For nearly two months, the volunteers politely – and rightly – persisted in forwarding documentation about potential data sharing with China….and continued asking, “Will Fairfax County terminate its contract with Konnech?”

Then, when Eugene Yu, CEO of Konnech was arrested on October 4th on charges of identity theft of election worker data, a Pandora’s box of election integrity threats exploded in public view – and Fairfax County took immediate action – because they had been educated by their local citizen volunteers.

In this episode of Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell, Cleta speaks with Christine about what their local task force did, how they did it, and how they politely but accurately informed their local election administrators about why Fairfax County needed to terminate the Konnech contract.

This episode confirms the vital role of the local election integrity task forces and the importance of citizen researchers and volunteers who can support local election officials if those officials will accept their help. Something that the Fairfax County election officials ultimately did. Other election officials should take heed and listen to their citizens as did Fairfax County on Konnech.

To view Christine’s report on the history and details of the Konnech security breach, click here. https://fairfaxgop.org/information-for-election-officers-on-konnech-software/

This is a case study in why EIN is doing what it is doing. Building a permanent election integrity infrastructure.

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