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Derek Johnson is an Honorably Retired DV from the United States Army. He is the only person who's taken the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Law of War Manual, Military Tribunals Handbook, Acts, Executive Orders, United States Codes, Titles, Statutes, Optics, Operations, all in one and each video that outlines the Military Occupancy and Covert Operation being ran by our United States Military and Ally Militaries.

The United States and the World are under a Military Occupancy as outlined in the Law of War Manual (December 2016), the Military Justice Act of 2016, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

EVERY single facet of life from Congress, Governors, Media, and Economy (via a COG), are under Military Control via those and many other Military Laws.

Donald Trump is a Military plugged Commander-in-Chief who was placed to dismantle the Federal Corporation of the District of Columbia by using their constitution, laws, and codes against them (Deep State, Cabal, Swamp, Washington Establishment), while the Military in the background makes sure those evil players display their heinous and despicable acts to the public to destroy their institutions.

99% of Americans do NOT serve in the Military.

97% never have.

It's an atrocity so many Veterans in the 3% don't have a clue what's going on.

Everyone who served in the Uniform swore in under Title 10 and served under the same UCMJ.

He did so by the SAME Title 10 that President Trump Federalized the National Guard to Active Duty in Executive Order 13912 and 10 US Code Chapter 1209, March 27, 2020.

Those amongst many others under Article II and IV of the Constitution extended his Power as President due to:

3 National Emergencies declared that Congress failed to address (Breach of National Security) in which Title 50 Chapter 34 specifically states the President is the ONLY who can terminate a National Emergency.

Those unaddressed National Emergencies allowed President Trump the Emergency and War Powers of the President to use the Law of War Manual, UCMJ, Military Justice Act, First War Powers Act, National Emergencies Act, the Stafford Act, Executive Order 12148, 13912, 13919, 13848, 13961, 13823 and Title 10, to Federalize the National Guard to Active Duty extending his powers as President making him a WarTime President.

Military Law > Federal Law > Opinions.

Learn them.

He's been one of the most sought after guest on many major Podcasts and Shows.

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