MUST WATCH: Sherloc's Roundtable - Episode 3 w/ Todd Callender

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1 year ago


In this VERY IMPORTANT & MISSION CRITICAL edition of Sherloc's Roundtable, Julianna Ormond & RC Williams will talk with Todd Callender.

Todd Callender is a leading attorney and has been a champion for rights and research, including an intimate understanding of how government agencies work.

His deep research on the dangers of the MRNA shots and the connection between the COVID scare, the WHO, World Economic Forum, and the United Nations utilizing it to control the world’s population, and the real dangers of 5G Towers and how all of this connects has helped many people to wake up to what’s happening.

You don't want to miss this episode of the Roundtable. Your future truly depends on it.

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Operation Assured Ascension:

Marburg Vaxx Patent:

HHS Disease Powers:

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