Dr Byram Bridle at the Toronto screening of Uninformed Consent 10/08/22

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1 year ago

Dr Byram Bridle speaks with Tamara Ugolini at the Toronto screening of Uninformed Consent 10/08/22

Drs. Robert Malone, Byram Bridle and Stephen Malthouse are a few of the special guests highlighting tonight’s highly anticipated Toronto premier of Uninformed Consent.

After a hugely successful online debut promoted by Children’s Health Defense and Dr. Joseph Mercola, Uninformed Consent will be premiering in Toronto at the Royal Theatre, 608 College St. Guests can meet and mingle with the special guest experts from 6p.m. with “the most powerful documentary of the Covid Era” starting at 7p.m.

Another screening will be held Thursday, October 13th at 7:00 pm in London, Ontario, at the BMO Centre, 295 Rectory St. Inquiries can also be made to host future screenings in your local by contacting filmmaker Todd Harris at matadorfilms68@gmail.com.

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