Centralized currency endangers decentralized People

1 year ago

Peter St Onge - Research Fellow, Economic Policy, Heritage Foundation
Heritage.org, cryptoeconomy.substack.com

The banksters got their revenge on Canadians having the temerity to donate money to the truckers protesting the government’s healthy tyranny, by closing their bank accounts. Tennesseans just had their air conditioners halted remotely, to protect the environment. Behavioral control isn’t science fiction; it’s already happening. And the government’s new scheme - DIGITAL CURRENCY - will only enable such control.

Biden set this currency in motion with an executive order in March. Such money wouldn’t be physical, and withdrawable from an ATM. It wouldn’t be secure or private, either, like market cryptocurrency built on the blockchain. Indeed, it would be programmable; and this limited to Americans compliant with the program.

The executive order demands the currency protect the environment - hence the threat to personal control over utilities like electricity, fuel, or water usage. Too big a carbon footprint? Then less digital currency.

Unvaccinated? Then no passport & currency to travel, work, learn or get medical care. Let’s call this what it is: ORWELLIAN.

Mr. St. Onge got his economic doctorate from George Mason and is published in the Wall Street Journal, the Globe and Mail, the Financial Post, Business Insider, Bloomberg, the Mises Institute, and Coindesk.

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