Dr. Peter McCullough's First Interview After Getting Banned by Fascist Twitter

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Yesterday, the fascists at Twitter banned Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most respected cardiologists and internists in the country.

Today, he came on The JD Rucker Show to discuss Twitter. But what ended up happening is the good doctor dropped bombshell after bombshell. That's what happens with people like Dr. McCullough. He's such a wealth of information that it never stops with a simple question.

We discussed the medical censorship that's happening in California. He explained how myocarditis does harm and why he believes it's the spike proteins that are causing the issue. He even offered a path forward for doctors and patients who want to take charge of their medical lives even when it goes against the orders of the budding medical tyranny in America. He recently joined The Wellness Company and encouraged both doctors and all American citizens to do the same.

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