🎯🔥 Del Bigtree Interviews Tiago Henriques the Creator of the "Died Suddenly News" Facebook Page

1 year ago

"Died Suddenly News" Facebook Page has been taken down. I'm sure there will be others.

Full Video Episode 288: https://rumble.com/v1mzzpg-episode-288-justice-for-all.html

Del's website: https://thehighwire.com/

Tiago's Facebook page is amazing and it's means so much to alot of people. I relate to the sad and horrifying stories told there. My younger brother Daryl passed away on May 13/2022 from internal bleeding (so they say, an autopsy was refused) laying on his floor at home before he could get to the hospital. This nightmare must stop......

(Thank you Susan S for this info) The BBC is involved because they set up the TNI, Trusted News Initiative with the CBC. Tim Davie was the head and here is a link, the BBC is running the whole show I would imagine buried deep in govt finances https://www.bbc.com/mediacentre/2020/trusted-news-initiative-vaccine-disinformation


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