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Connecting the Dots Episode #2 ~ The Truth About Tom Hanks...

Connecting the Dots Episode #2 ~ The Truth About Tom Hanks...

5:30pm PST, 7:30pm CST, 8:30pm EST, 1:30am UK Time, 2:30am SAST, 10:30am Sydney Australia, 12:30pm Wellington NZ

Colleen, Eugene, Justin, Aaron and I will be LIVE tonight with another HUGE show as we unveil the Whole Truth about Tom Hanks, his being a Freemason and a White Hat, and a Powerful Influence for Goodness and God within his Movies…from being one of the Best Actors, to Script Writers, Producers and even Directors within Hollywood, and how during the Insanity of 2020, when so many Evil things were being laid at his Doorstep, Tom Hanks was busy spending his own Money to produce shows that would exalt both the Truth and God in Plain Sight, making it impossible for Hanks to do the things he was being accused of...

Again, the Black Hats don’t reveal the Truth about the Evil they commit within the Mainstream; thus, it is essential that the White Hats do so, risking their Names, Reputations and even Safety by revealing the WORST Secrets of the Cabal, and during 2020, NO ONE, in the entire World, did more to unveil the Truth about the Canaanities than Tom Hanks (101 in Gematria)…and to this day, he is HATED for it; thus, we are here tonight to put all things in Order by Connecting the Dots that lead us to the whole Truth about Tom Hanks!

So, make sure you join us for this MAGICAL show tonight, as you will be blown away by all that is revealed and the connections that we make...

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