Dedicated to West Virginia (or any state that fights for its freedom)

1 year ago

Who has dirt on their face and is a big disgrace? This could be any city, county, or state politician, in any state. How do you identify them and expose them? Please share with everyone and wake them up!

Pfizer mRNA Spike Protein Found in Deceased Man’s Brain and Heart: Peer-Reviewed Report

Full Glen Beck Tape

Joe Manchin on Ukraine

One Day Video and Story Behind it

Full Trump Rally Michigan

Fighting Horses
Thanks Just A Dude on Telegram


No Time (Angels And Demons--Complete Score)

Final Music - Wwg1wga-3ZKkUBlc4Vg-160k-1659962346875

For Further Research Good starting material, but really go deep and explore on your own

Ukraine Backfire

They Do Not Want You To Kow

Ukraine on Fire (watch the trailer = worth paying to see the whole movie)

Hellstorm - What You May Not Know About WWII - lengthy but very well worth watching

NATO Website (info on Russia)

Zelensky, 2022, Stalin 1942: The US propaganda machine can easily make heroes, but it can quickly change the script WELL WORTH THE READ - AN OPINION YOU MAY NOT HAVE HEARD

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