3 months ago

Will the Medical Cult ever admit error?

No, because Global elitists don’t believe they’re committing evil. Power attracts sociopaths for whom freedom becomes the enemy…and it’s been that way throughout Allopathy’s century-long takeover of healthcare

David Whitehead The Truth Warrior podcast

Self-thinking folks have wondered whether the Covid perps ever will suffer justice, not just from sabotaging the millions of livelihoods but also for the excess disabled and dead from the vaccine.

Mr. Whitehead, having studied as a martial artist the mindset of evil, believes it impossible for the criminal to admit error. In his series, the “Cult of the Medics”, he revisits Rockefeller’s original scheme to bastardize medicine for oil profits.

Crushing the then-standard holistic approach to healing, Rockefeller’s henchman closed medical schools that wouldn’t prescribe chemical replacements of natural medicine that could capture a parent monopoly.

The failure of pill-pushing doctors to stem the explosion of CHRONIC disease (the real epidemic), is leading patients to seek alternative therapies persecuted by the FDA and licensing boards.

If America doesn’t use the Covid Crime of the Century to restore holistic healing, we’ll have squandered the best opportunity ever to ensure the cartel’s scheme.

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