Part 1 - Steve Bannon and Jim Hoft Discuss THE IMPOSSIBLE RESULTS OF THE 2020 ELECTION

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Oct 3, 2022
Joe Biden’s IMPOSSIBLE Victory:
** Trump won MORE VOTES than any sitting president in history!! Increased his 2016 results by 12 million votes!
** Trump won every bellwether county except one… 16 of 17
** Trump won EVERY traditional bellwether state – Iowa, Florida, Ohio – every winner since 1960 has won these states — until Trump in 2020!
** Trump won all 27 battleground US House races in 2020.
** Counties: Biden won 81 million votes and 509 counties in the Nov. 3 election, while Trump won 74 million votes and 2,547 counties, according to data aggregated by think tank the Brookings Institute. Obama won 69 million votes and 873 counties in 2008. –USA Today
** Trump won more non-white votes than any GOP candidate since 1960
** Trump won more women and voters of color in 2020 than he did in 2016.
What we witnessed:
** Late Night drops… Stopped the counting… Perfect Algorithms by the voting machines
** The late night VAN into the Detroit TCF Center
** Ballot Drop Boxes…..
** Blocked from Counting Rooms
** Public support!— Trump has one million at rallies
Joe Biden gets 20 people in his rally circles including staff and media
** Dragging in ballots DAYS AFTER ELECTION!
** Who are Biden Voters?
The Huffington Post credited “low-income voters” with giving Joe Biden the win.
Where the margin of Biden’s victory was a squeaker-thin 3% or less, low-income Americans accounted for 34% to 45% of the voting population (Arizona 39.96%), Georgia (37.84%), Michigan (37.81%), Nevada (35.78%), North Carolina (43.67%), Pennsylvania (34.12%) and Wisconsin (39.80%), according to the study.

(Note: In my research, as a Canadian, I can assure you that Dominion Voting machines are used in key areas of Canada during a federal election. Do you think the Trudeau government actually had the votes to win the last snap election or any election in the past decade? So not only are un-elected medical officials dictating their evil psychopathic genocide narrative, corrupt media, but most likely dictated down by an illegitimate government - exactly as in the USA and other world countries.

(Note: In the USA you have these so-called RINOs (In Name Only), we have these hack politicians (In Name Only) like Erin O’Toole in Canada as well. Either paid-off, idiots or demonic psychopaths who sold their souls. With election fixes in, how many politicians or un-elected medical officials are part of this planned genocide and plandemic? They will have a lot to answer for in this life or the next. See: Canada's Chad EP. 86 - O'Toole Won't Support Truckers.

THE FORUM OF YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS (Shaping the future) – Graduates Angela Merkel, Bill Gates, Jens Spahn, and Justin Trudeau among others. Global genocide planned for decades with certain leaders placed in position or through fraud elections. Trudeau was purposely positioned as our Prime Minister for this exact point of time.

“The Young Global Leaders … aligned with the World Economic Forum’s mission, we seek to drive public-private co-operation in the global public interest. We are united by the belief that today’s pressing problems present an opportunity to build a better future across sectors and boundaries.” ...It's A Big Club And You Ain't In It.


Here is an example link and an excerpt from this link. Do these Canadian Dominion Machine voting delays and excuses sound familiar as the alleged cheating is tabulated?

“Dominion Voting System, the municipal voting system used by several townships, is experiencing slowdowns and stoppages.
It seems to be caused by too many voters entering the system at the same time, and Dominion has increased their capacity, but it's still too slow, which is why we made the decision to extend the voting period," Jeff Smith, deputy clerk with the Township of Woolwich told CBC.”

PROOF Our Elections Have Been RIGGED Since 2000

SELECTION CODE Movie on the 2020 Election Steal is DEVASTATING (Drop & Roll)

Dominion Voting Systems has a history of controversy in Canadian elections


2000 Mules - Full video

Selection Code - > You Vote; > {They Decide} [hivemind cheating and control]


Elections Expert Jovan Pulitzer on How to Stop the Fraud

Putting the World Economic Forum out of Business!

Arizona Wilder (explains hive-mind)

Patriot Underground Episode 250 (right on the mark “biblical”– Marcum)

Premier Doug Ford - “This will be resolved through the ballot-box”- WHAT???

Justin Trudeau is a Pedophile [mirrored]

This is a planned narrative against us and it is demonic to say the least in this spiritual warfare. The world is relying on what happens in the USA regarding the stolen election. This has to be rectified now or it is game over for the rest of the world. The evil cabal will cheat again as they take total control over us and their goal is depopulation. Wake up, and pray! I am confident that the US military is in control and to trust the plan. Meanwhile we have to do our part and not comply to this insanity. Total respect to the brave souls from "truckersforfreedom", "mounties4freedom" and "Rebel News" for your leadership. God Bless, Marcum)

“Everybody you see on TV, about 90% are a clone, a synthetic robotoid or a soul scalped person.” (From my archive of censored or banned videos) Hint: Think Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Trudeau, RINOs, woke (pope?)

Guy Brummel (also known as Agent Margaritaville) has been locked up in PRISON because he has a list of PEDOS living in CANADA AND the USA, who occupy KEY positions of power. Learn why PEDOPHILE illuminati puppets... all want Guy Brummel to go away! (Part 1 of 10)

MODEL FREAKS OUT AT ILLUMINATI DINNER WITH HUMAN FLESH (“They took me there so you could make a copy [clone] of me.”)

Adrenochrome (ADC) (These Demonic Psychopaths are Pure EVIL! please see description for info & link)


JUAN O SAVIN: 911 – Q is 17


“A little birdie told me” Wink! Wink!

DNA Activation The Unveiling

(All MSM is corrupt and the enemy of the people. They are the mouthpiece for the evil elite globalist genocide plan. Canadian MSM one of the worst in the world along with our corrupt illegitimate controlling Trudeau government all in cahoots with US and corrupt world cabal media…The MSM is the actual cult.) “Time to wake up!”
Please use the information found in these videos as a starting point for conducting your own research.
Let’s all pray and together try to “wake up” as many people from the spell as possible.

Disclaimer: Listeners solely responsible for their own actions or choices. For entertainment purposes only, not medical advice.

A must see for Catholics! Can Pope Francis love us to death? (Marcum MyCatholicRedPill)

Blaylock: Update on Covid-19 pandemic events (They not even hiding the information)

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