5 months ago

Tyros5: Getting To Know You, episode 1

As I'm getting to know my new-to-me Tyros5-76 I will share the occasional video. It took a while, but I finally figured out how everything worked; now I just need to get used to reaching for settings and buttons as I play, they aren't where I think they should be yet, so when I'm a few measures away from a button-push I start to get a little scrambled which causes me to lose focus on my playing...and it takes a few more measures afterward to unscramble! But I'm learning, and by sharing these maybe other people who are learning new things - keyboard-related or not - will be emboldened and encouraged.

This is a Dottie Rambo song called The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me Home. (I love Dottie's songs, she was truly blessed with great talent!)

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