Situation Update, 10/3/22 - Putin tells the truth about evil, SATANIC western leaders...

1 year ago

Situation Update, Oct 3, 2022 - Putin tells the truth about evil, SATANIC western leaders who PILLAGE the world

0:00 Elections
7:45 Western Civilization
33:50 Putin
57:47 Economic News

- Warning signs flashing over bank collapse in Europe
- Martin Armstrong warns all the pensions are insolvent
- Blinkin celebrates "huge opportunity" after Nord Stream sabotage
- Germany warns gas may run out this winter
- Why the war in Ukraine escalates to NUCLEAR conflict
- Putin is RIGHT about the West being run by antichrist demons
- The American empire PILLAGES the world and LIES to its own people
- The U.S. has used nuclear weapons against CIVILIAN targets
- Inflation hits 17% in The Netherlands
- Citrus crops devastated by Hurricane Ian
- Goldman Sachs warns about "deindustrialization" of Europe
- HIMARS artillery systems for Ukraine won't be built for YEARS
- Cell towers across Europe will FAIL this winter as the grid goes down
- Property insurers go bankrupt in Florida

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