How Do You Keep Your Body Ocean, Rivers and Streams Clean From Graphene, Parasites, GMO RNA & DNA

1 year ago

How do we keep our fish bowl clean?

In this video, we took a deep dive into what is occurring due to mRNA transfection and other interaction since COVID Pandemic. We discuss the problem statement and solutions that can help us navigate life gracefully right now. This discussion occurs between Dr Robert Young -Health beacon of light, Maria Research Clinical Scientist, Abeytu’ CEO and Shehnaz Soni, NASA Aerospace Engineer and Spiritual Alchemist.

Robert O. Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner

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Shehnaz Background and Info

Shehnaz is an accomplished Aerospace Engineer, an Author, a Health and Transformational Coach, an Energy Healer, and the proud Mother.

Shehnaz has worked as a rocket scientist for both Boeing and NASA. Her work on the massive rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS) will be used in one of the earlier missions to facilitate living on the Moon. Her most recent work at NASA includes the Artemis Project. She and her cutting-edge team of aerospace engineers have developed requirements for the unprecedented Human Landing System, also known as HLS. When ready to launch, this system will finally bridge mankind with a long-term presence on the Moon and ultimately on Mars.

Shehnaz is the author of the soon-to-be-released Quantum Being. Part memoir and part guide for humanity, this book will bridge science and spirituality to help the reader realize the truth of their magnificence as human beings on the journey to manifest their own miracles.

Shehnaz’s book, “The Quantum Being” will be available at

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Her upcoming workshop will be held in the month of Oct on every Sunday at 3 PM CST, please check out

Maria is a Clinical Laboratory Research Scientist with a Masters Degree in Business and Healthcare Administration. Throughout her career she specialized in microscopic examinations of hematological, microbiological, fertility, and immunological pathology identifications. She is a former college Microbiology Instructor and is currently CEO/President/Award Winning Scientific Officer and Formulator for a natural health/wellness company. Abeytu’ Naturals Product Line has now 7 pending patents under her leadership. She is also an active contributor to medical forensic textbooks and senate hearings.

Contact Maria at or to learn more.

Maria Crisler BS, CLS(NCA), MBA/HCM

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