Corona Committee sess124 30-09-22 Alexandra Latypova Pfizer cov vaccine - evidence of fraud FULL

1 year ago

The rushed “warp speed” development and approval of completely novel Covid-19 mRNA and DNA vaccines pushed on millions of people has resulted today in millions of reported injuries and thousands of deaths according to public health databases such as VAERS (US), Eduravigilance (EU), Yellow Card (UK) and others.

Interviewed here by the Cornona Investigative Committee, Alexandra Latypova reveals the findings of her research into the procedures of the manufacturing of the Pfizer covid-19 vaccines, and their alleged highly toxic ingredients and methods of manufacture.

Sasha Latypova is a Ukrainian-born entrepreneur living in the United States. Most of her professional career was in the pharma/healthcare industry with specific focus on development, validation, regulatory acceptance and commercialization of new clinical technologies and biomarkers.

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