Jenn Mess (NJ) from Mess to Message on Newsmax August 2022

1 year ago

Jenn Mess, a public school educator from NJ and founder of Mess to Message Ministries on Newsmax August 2022.

Everyone's Mess can become their Message! Mess to Message is a community founded to bring as many as possible together with a specific focus on faith, family, and education. Founded in New Jersey, we believe we are stronger when we align with love and unity rather than division.​Under Message to Message Ministries, we operate several activities that are near and dear to our hearts. 2 Sisters with Purpose - Jenn & Laraine are 2 sisters that have a desire to pray for others, share our journey and experiences, and help others by being open and vulnerable. Freedom Loving Teachers of NJ - A grassroots beginning that led to a movement within NJ. We are current and former staff of Schools who are done being lied to, unappreciated, and refuse to indoctrinate or be refused medical choice. SchoolPodUSA -, is an online platform, database, research tool & mobile-friendly website that provides parents, educators, and alternative learning centers with a centralized resource for important information on schooling options as well as a way to connect the parents, educators & Learning centers.

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