GOP Senator Blames John Durham For Holding Up FBI Investigation

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1 year ago

Sen. Ron Johnson claims that John Durham's special counsel probe has impeded Congress' efforts to uncover FBI malfeasance and look into Hunter Biden's dubious business practices (R-WI).

Durham's investigation, which appears to be coming to an end as the prosecutor takes the alleged primary source for the now-famous dossier alleging ties between the former president Donald Trump and Russia to court this month, was blamed during a recent interview on Newsmax in which Johnson vented about a lack of successful prosecutions in Durham's endeavor. The senator expressed his dissatisfaction, pointing out that attorney Michael Sussmann, who was exonerated in May, was never found guilty.

Johnson stated, "We had an ongoing criminal investigation under John Durham, which undoubtedly impeded our efforts in terms of investigating Hunter Biden and corruption inside the FBI.

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