ALICE IN PEDOLAND II Through the Looking Glass

1 year ago

An unflattering look inside the global pedophilia and ritualistic abuse industry and its unexpected -- and terrifying -- purpose.

Part I:

Putting the pieces together of the worldwide child abuse, rape and torture ring goes far deeper than government controls. What you find on the other end may not to be something you wish to see, but witnessing it is critical to stopping it. LifeSource pulls together the various threads hidden by design and time and weaves together the details of an epic tragedy that needs to be stopped, finally and forever.

Personal credits have been omitted due to the dangerous nature of this endeavor. This is about the children. Nothing else matters.

What is LifeSource?

The movement for human emancipation begins with truth and personal empowerment. LifeSource invites awakening people worldwide to reach their full empowerment as divine individuals. We are a team of volunteer professionals, doing everything we can to enlighten, uplift and motivate to action. Please help us help humanity! Every bit helps.

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