3 months ago

Rich Uncle Displaces the Loan Shark: a Gift for Gig Entrepreneurs

Don Henig - Cofounder, AccrueMe

Inflation hasn’t plagued purchasing power this badly since the end of Carter’s presidency. Gas prices will continue to explode as governments scheme for climate-footprint lockdowns. And the recession will increase gig work even more than its doubling since 2018. With half the workforce expected to sell directly by 2027, we need to know now how to sell on Amazon.

After growing a national mortgage origination venture over the 1990s, Mr. Henig diversified into Hollywood and Broadway production before retiring. He came out of retirement to help entrepreneurs gain the funding and advice to succeed on the Amazon selling platform.

Every so often, we need successful experts who are willing to advise the rest of us. Don is one of those experts – and has helped many small and mid-sized companies grow to levels they never could have on their own, or with any other source of capital. In an increasingly independent economy, we all need good coaching on how to profit from our ideas and ventures.

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