5 months ago

UK Doc Who Promoted Covid Shot, Now Calls Them "The Greatest Miscarriage of Medical Science"


After publishing his peer-reviewed study on the very Covid "vaccines" that he promoted on TV in the UK, Dr. Aseem Maholtra is now calling for an end to the global experimental mRNA injection programme.

"Dr. Aseem Maholtra: I think what we're dealing with now with with hindsight is perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime. And the reason I say that is we were led to believe from the beginning, as you've already said, I was one of the first people to take the jab, I helped out in a vaccine centre, I was on Good Morning Britain helping tackle vaccine hesitancy, is we had conflated this emergency use authorization vaccine with traditional vaccines, which I have to say have been one of modern medicine's greatest achievements, estimated to save 4 to 5 million lives a year."

For a link to Dr. Maholtra's study, please visit: https://brightlightnews.com/uk-doc-who-promoted-covid-shot-now-calls-greatest-miscarriage-of-medical-science/

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