Hybrid Warfare

1 year ago

Physical and psychological weapons used to enslave us, verses our freedom and love.

All decent people in the world are under attack in a hybrid war. It includes physical or kinetic elements like the war in Ukraine and the covid injections that maim, kill and sterilize people. It also includes psychological elements. The coronavirus, for instance, has served as a prod used to conjure fear and manipulate all of us through mandates that actually serve to destroy our society and our cultures, clearing the way for the globalists' "Great Rest" and "New World Order". They seek to eliminate free will, end spirituality, and coral us into a slave system where we are drugged and wired into their AI god.

We must resist this with all of our creativity and commitment, so we create a free world, based on spiritual enlightenment and love; not slavery to artificial intelligence.

Canada's Glen Jung of BLNs conducted this interview below with Maajid Nawaz who is an expert on these geopolitical issues. I hope you find it enlightening; and motivating:


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