The Real Life JACK RYAN and WHITE HATS Stopped Deep State & NWO From Overthrowing America

On 1/17/17 the following message was uploaded a second time as enemies of America convened overseas plotting a possible "interruption" to Donald J. Trump's inauguration. This was the final "shot across the bow" warning. An unreported silent STAND OFF. Ultimately they believed they could get President Trump removed illegally the first few months in office (insurance policy) which, by the grace of God, was exposed and failed.

THE VIDEO EVERYONE IN MEDIA AND WASHINGTON DC KNOWS ABOUT YET HAVE BEEN ORDERED NEVER TO DISCUSS OR MENTION. Days prior to the November 2016 election, one of the most legendary and decorated United States intelligence agents came forward on behalf of the intelligence community with a historical message to the American People. This is the man who inspired the character JACK RYAN in the Tom Clancy novels and subsequent hit films starring Harrison Ford like "Patriot Games" and "Clear and Present Danger." Before October 2016, Dr. Steve Pieczenik had not been photographed nor shown his face in interviews for over 25 years. (THE SUM OF ALL FEARS)
The Democrats led by Hillary Clinton attempted a coup to permanently seize control of the United States government. This was not a "military coup" as seen often around the world but a sophisticated well planned out "soft coup" using criminal elements of our government and foreign countries such as China and Saudi Arabia. Through surrogates such as George Soros and others Democrats rigged the primary and attempted to steal the election away from Donald Trump via millions of illegals voting (3+ million confirmed) as well as mass scale voter/election fraud (5 states minimum confirmed stolen by Hillary Clinton via election fraud). Patriotic WHITE HAT members of our intelligence community, military, civilians, scholars, and warriors seeing what was happening upheld their oaths to protect America from all enemies foreign AND domestic and unraveled their plans by exposing the truth of what was happening to the American people. This was the second American Revolution but, unlike the first, this was not fought with guns/weapons but rather through the internet, social media, and Wikileaks. By the Grace of God Trump's landslide victory was so huge it overcame the millions of illegal votes for Hillary. It is now conservatively estimated that Trump won the 2016 election by 8 million votes in a landslide not seen since Reagan in 1984.

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Journalist Who Exposed Mueller Wiping Anti-Trump Texts Found Dead





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