HOAX: Climate Change Did Not Cause Hurricane Ian | Ep. 205

Published September 29, 2022 913 Views
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As Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida, leftist politicians and pundits like Don Lemon peddle the talking point that hurricanes are becoming more frequent and more severe because of climate change. Liz breaks down the facts (and science) of the matter to determine what of this is truth and what of this is a hoax intended to promote their political agenda. And in case you were wondering, Joe Biden’s mental acuity isn't getting any better—just watch these videos. This is The Liz Wheeler Show.


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00:00 - Welcome to The Liz Wheeler Show
03:49 - Biden’s mental acuity is worse than we thought
12:35 - January 6th committee hearing canceled
14:16 - The View comes after DeSantis, making hurricane political
18:32 - Don Lemon says climate change caused hurricane
24:20 - The truth: How climate change impacts hurricanes
39:39 - Who is peddling climate change alarmism?
42:55 - A political hoax to promote their agenda

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